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Medical Advisory Board for Driver Licensing and Evaluation for Concealed Handgun


Begun in 1970, the Texas Medical Advisory Board for Driver Licensing (MAB) was established by enactment of Texas Civil Statutes, Articles 4447F and 6701J-1, whereby the Texas Department of Health advises the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) in the licensing of persons having medical limitations which might adversely affect driving. This is now mandated under Health and Safety Code, Title 2 - Subtitle A, Chapter 12, SubChapter H.

A physician who is licensed to practice medicine in Texas may voluntarily inform the department or the Medical Advisory Board, orally or in writing, of the full name, date of birth, and address of a patient over the age of 15 years whom he or she has diagnosed as having a disorder or disability specified in the rules of the department. The release of such information by the physician to the board is an exception to the patient-physician privilege requirements of Section 5.08 of the Medical Practices Act.

Physicians voluntarily reporting to the board under Health and Safety Code, Title 2 Subchapter H, Section 12.096 may NOT be held liable for their professional opinions, recommendations and reports.

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To help reduce traffic deaths, disability and injury by evaluating medical histories, providing medical opinions and making recommendations to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) regarding the medical limitations of referred driver licensees and candidates and concealed handgun licensees and candidates.


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"" RULES FOR: Operation of the Medical Advisory Board and the Medical Standards on Motor Vehicle Operations Division, Texas Administrative Code, Title 25. Health Services, Part 1. Texas Department of State Health Services, Chapter 1. Texas Board of Health, Medical Advisory Board


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Last updated February 06, 2014