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To help reduce traffic deaths, disability and injury by evaluating medical histories, providing medical opinions and making recommendations to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) regarding the medical limitations of referred driver licensees and candidates and concealed handgun licensees and candidates.

If you need a medical packet for your physcian contact the Medical Advisory Board by email or call 512-834-6738 or 512-834-6739. Please specify if you would like the packet sent via mail, fax or email and include your driver's license number.


The Texas Department of Health advises the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) in the licensing of persons having medical limitations which might adversely affect driving. This is now mandated under Health and Safety Code, Title 2 - Subtitle A, Chapter 12, SubChapter H.

The Texas Department of Health advises the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) in the licensing of persons having which might adversely affect driving. This is now mandated under

Physicians voluntarily reporting to the board under Health and Safety Code, Title 2 Subchapter H, Section 12.096 may NOT be held liable for their professional opinions, recommendations and reports.


Quick Links
Medical Evaluation for Concealed Handgun   
Resources for Drivers
Resources for Law Enforcement
Resources for Physicians
Statutes and Rules



Medical Evaluation for Concealed Handgun
The Medical Advisory Board has been directed to medically evaluate persons for eligibility for a license to carry a concealed handgun. 
Texas Department of Public Safety- Concealed Handgun Licensing Program
Concealed Handgun Licensing Legislative Updates



Resources for Drivers
The Medical Advisory Board makes recommendations to DPS regarding the medical condition of driver licensees/candidates. This section provides resources for drivers (especially those whose medical information is being reviewed).
Flowchart of Medical Advisory Board review process
Family and Friends Concerned About an Older Driver
Driving When You Have Macular Degeneration
Driving When You Have Glaucoma
Driving When You Have Cataracts
Questions and answers regarding medical oversight of noncommercial drivers
Texas Department of Public Safety- Texas Medical Revocation
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Driving Safety Home

Resources for Law Enforcement
If law enforcement officers have cause for concern They may report an individual to DPS for a medical evaluation referral.   
Law Enforcement Medical Evaluation Request form:  Word or PDF
Evaluating Drivers With Medical Conditions in Utah, 1992 - 1996
Further Analysis – Utah Report
Intersection Negotiation – Older Drivers
Intersection Negotiation – Vol II
Older Road User Research Plan
Traffic Data for Older Population
Drive Well Toolkit: Promoting Older Driver Safety and Mobility in Your Community
Older Drivers  - Cues for Law Enforcement
Video Toolkit on Medical Conditions in Older Drivers



Resources for Physicians
A physician who is licensed to practice medicine in Texas may voluntarily inform the department or the Medical Advisory Board, orally or in writing, of the full name, date of birth, and address of a patient over the age of 15 years whom he or she has diagnosed as having a disorder or disability specified in the rules of the department. The release of such information by the physician to the board is an exception to the patient-physician privilege requirements of Section 5.08 of the Medical Practices Act.
Physician Referral form:  Word document or PDF
DSHS Addresses, contacts, fax numbers
Informational booklets
Information on older drivers – NHTSA
Information on younger drivers
NHTSA policy information
Physician’s Guide to Assessing and Counseling Older Drivers  
Reports to Congress
Safety Issues Related to Younger and Older Drivers, 1993
Driving Safety- Older Drivers
Fact Sheets for Medical Professionals
Strategies for Medical Advisory Boards and Licensing Review


Statutes and Rules
Concealed Handguns
License to Carry a Concealed Handgun Texas Government Code, Chapter 411, Subchapter H, §411.171
License to Carry a Handguns Texas Administrative Code Title 37, Part 1, Chapter 6
Medical Advisory Board- General
Department of Public Safety Determination for License Revocation   Chapter 521 of the Transportation Code, §521.294
Driver's License Rules     Texas Administrative Code, Title 37, Part 1, Chapter 15, 15.58
Operation of the Medical Advisory Board     Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 1, 1.151, 1.152    
Powers and Duties of Board Chapter 12 of the Health and Safety Code §12.091-12.098
Medical Advisory Boaard- Physician
Laws Regarding Physician Referral Health & Safety Code, §12.096
Physicians’ Liability protection Health & Safety Code, §12.098
Laws Regarding Medical Advisory Board Review Health & Safety Code, §12.095



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Last updated April 06, 2015