Processing EMS out-of-state reciprocity certifications


* New policy changes effective 7/20/2011*

According to Policy P2001-A, effective 7/20/2011, reciprocity applicants must hold a valid and current EMS personnel certification issued by another state or U.S. Territory. Click to view Policy P2001-A.

Military Applicants

Military personnel shall follow the same application process as Out of State/Reciprocity applicants because Military courses are not Texas approved/certified courses and are therefore considered Out of State courses. Please use Reciprocity application and process to gain Texas Certification. Military applicants must also submit documentation of completion of a military EMS course.

Reciprocity Applicants:

An out-of-state certified emergency medical services (EMS) person may apply for Texas certification by reciprocity. Persons with Emergency Care Attendant (ECA); First Responder (FR) or Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) are not eligible for Texas Reciprocity

The out-of-state EMS certified candidate shall:

-Submit proof of a CURRENT EMS certification from another state or US territory  
-Submit completed EMS personnel out-of-state reciprocity application and nonrefundable administrative fee to: EMS Certification & Licensing Group, Department of State
  Health Services,   Cash Receipts Branch, MC 2003,  P.O. Box 149347, Austin, Texas 78714-9347.
-Submit an Out of State Verification Form A, completed by EACH state you currently hold or have ever held certification in.
           - Out of State Verification Form A

Red ballApplicants without a current National Registry (NR) certification must contact the NR to take their Assessment exam for the State of Texas.  Applicants will not be approved to take the NR Assessment exam until the department has received an EMS personnel out-of state application, fees, and verified you have a current EMS certification from another state or US territory. 

Red ballApplicants seeking reciprocity at the EMT-I level must have training (verifiable by the certifying state agency) that includes alternative airway intubation devices, and IV initiation as required for EMT-I certification in Texas. 

Red ballAll applicants will be required to undergo an FBI fingerprint criminal history check using L-1 Identity Solutions. The FAST Pass form, attached to the Reciprocity application, includes instructions for scheduling an appointment with L-1 Identity Solutions, or you may visit their website at; Any fees associated with this process will be your responsibility.

If you are unable to go to the L-1 solution site please contact EMS Compliance and Quality Assurance at: 512/834-6700, to receive a hard copy fingerprint card. Please note this will delay our agency receiving your results up to several weeks and requires a law enforcement agency to process your prints.

Eligibility of full four-year Texas EMS certificate is contingent upon completion of:
        -verification of a CURRENT EMS certification from another state or US territory
Criminal history background verification
        -completed EMS Personnel Reciprocity Certification Application and fee and
        -current National Registry certification or passing the National Registry assessment exam.

Paramedic licensure reciprocity within the United States

You may qualify for paramedic licensure reciprocity. Click here to read about the requirements for paramedic licensure reciprocity.

Click here to read about how a criminal history may affect your eligibility for certification in Texas.

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Last updated February 11, 2014