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Helpful Fact Sheets
What is Exposure?
Groundwater Our Most Valuable Natural Resource El agua subterránea nuestro recurso más valioso
Public Health Assessment Process Proceso de Evaluación de Salud Pública
Chemicals in the Environment Productos químicos en el ambiente
Chemical Fact Sheets
What is lead? ¿Qué es el plomo?
What is arsenic?    ¿Qué es el arsénico?
What is cadmium?    ¿Qué es el cadmio?
What is mercury? Lo que debe saber del mercurio o el “azogue”
Crema Aguamary & Crema Antiedad y Desmanchadora, found to contain dangerous levels of mercury
What you should know about nickel Lo que usted debe saber de níquel
What you should know about cobalt Lo que usted debe saber de cobalto
What you should know about molybdenum Lo que usted debe saber de molibdeno
What is copper? ¿Qué es el cobre?
Nitrates in Drinking Water Is The Water Your Children Drink Safe? ¿El nitrato en el agua potable ¿Es segura el agua que sus hijos toman?
What is trichloroethene?    Tricloroetileno (TCE) Hoja de datos
Trichloroethlyene (TCE) Physician Fact Sheet  
What is chromium? ¿Qué es el cromo?
Polychlorinated Biphenyls (PCBs)  
What is Benzene?  
What is Cyanide?  


The Fact Sheets above were prepared by the Texas Department of State Health Services (formerly the Texas Department of Health) and certified by the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). 

For additional chemical specific information please visit ATSDR ToxFAQs

Any files must be viewed/printed with Adobe® Acrobat® Reader, visit our file viewing information page for download information. For additional assistance please call 512-458-7263.


Caddo Lake Mercury Consumption Investigation:


External Educational Links

  • ATSDR case studies in environmental medicine
  • EPA's Environmental Kids Club
  • Citizens League for Environmental Action Now (CLEAN)
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