Texas Fluoridation Program

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The Texas Fluoridation Program (TFP) works to improve the health of Texans by preventing tooth decay through community water fluoridation. TFP assists public water systems in the engineering design, installation, and maintenance of water fluoridation systems; monitors the adjusted fluoride level in the drinking water; and maintains the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fluoridation database for the State of Texas. 

Community water fluoridation is safe and the most cost-effective way to deliver fluoride to people of all ages, race and economic status. On average, it costs only $0.50 per person to fluoridate water for a year. For most cities, every $1 invested in water fluoridation yields $38 savings in dental treatment costs (Fluoridation Facts American Dental Association (ADA). Community water fluoridation is recommended by nearly all public health, medical, and dental organizations.

To know your water system’s fluoridation status go to the CDC My Water’s Fluoride webpage.

Community water fluoridation is one of the most practical, cost-effective, equitable, and safe measures communities can take to prevent tooth decay and improve oral health.–Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, Former U.S. Surgeon General (2014 – 2017)

Fluoridation Training

Texas Fluoridation Program (TFP) offers a FREE one-day training course on “Fluoridation Procedures for Water Operators” (TCEQ course code 214). The class is taught by the Texas Department of State Health Services Fluoridation Program staff with 8 hours of continuing education credited towards a Texas water operator’s license.

After attending this class, the participant will learn:

  • Health benefits of water fluoridation
  • Operation and maintenance of fluoride equipment
  • How to safely work with fluoridation chemical and equipment
  • How to maintain optimal fluoride levels in the drinking water

The class is offered throughout the state.  If you are interested in hosting or attending a class, please contact TFP by phone at 512-776-7349 or by email at fluoride@dshs.texas.gov.

Training Manual on Fluoridation Procedures

Last updated July 3, 2019