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Regulatory Clarifications

These Regulatory Clarifications preempt any previous clarification/guidance/policy letters on this subject and remain in effect until superseded in writing by the Public Sanitation and Retail Food Safety Unit. Attributed use or reproduction of this information is freely granted.

No. 1: Hot Water at Vegetable Prep Sinks - 23-13187 

No. 2: Mobile Shrimp Vendors - E23-13188 

No. 3: Sprouting Seeds - E23-13189 

No. 4: Storage of Sanitizing Solution Buckets - E23-13190 

No. 5: Food Employee Infected with Hepatitis C Virus - E23-13191

No. 6: Retail Requirements for Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) Oysters - E23-13192 

No. 7: Wooden Skewers as Single-Service Articles - E23-13193 

No. 8: Restriction of a Food Employee with Lesions - E23-13194 

No. 9: Selling Yard Eggs at a Farmers Market - E23-13195 

No. 10: Demonstration of Knowledge - E23-13196 

No. 11: Competency of Inspectors - E23-13197 

No. 12: Bare Hand Contact with Ready-to-Eat Foods - E23-13198 

No. 14: Service Animals in a Retail Food Establishment - E23-13251 

No. 15: Requirements for Service (Mop) Sinks 

No. 16: HIV and Food Employees

No. 17: Children's Beverage Stands Updated 09/19/2019

No. 18: Certified Food Manager Requirements for Farmer's Markets 

No. 19: Hair Restraints - E23-14843

No. 20: Selling Non-Chicken Eggs to a Retail Food Establishment


TFER 101 Industry Presentation - Broken down by Sub-chapter (2015)

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