Food Wholesalers General Information - Food Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Warehouses

Firms that engage in any of the following activities are required to obtain a food wholesaler license, a warehouse operator license, or a food wholesaler registration:

  • Sell any type of food product to any entity other than the final consumer
  • Hold food that will be sold or distributed either by that entity or another
  • Sell bulk raw materials (flour, sugar, grains, etc.) to any entity other than the final consumer

The Licensing Flowchart for Food Wholesalers and Warehouses (PDF, 157KB) provides guidance on which license is appropriate for individual businesses. This chart provides the current interpretation of our regulations and is subject to change. Please call (512) 834-6670 if you do not see your specific situation reflected here.

The following entities are subject to inspection but are exempt from licensure:

  • Wholesalers of beverages in sealed container. Wholesalers carrying concentrates or drink mixes must be licensed.
  • Wholesalers of alcoholic beverages in sealed containers. Wholesalers carrying drink mixes must be licensed.

Please note: Exemption from licensure only applies to the specific products listed. If you carry any other food products, you will be required to license based on the non-exempt products.

Last updated May 18, 2020