Client Services Contracting Fiscal Year 2007 General Provisions

Many DSHS contracts that have a start date of July 1, 2006, and all DSHS contracts that have a start date of August 1, 2006 and thereafter, will include the revised DSHS GPs. These GPs have multiple formats.

Contractors should consult with the DSHS contract management unit assigned to the contract, or contact the DSHS Client Services Contracting Unit (CSCU), on questions or clarifications of GPs relevant to their contracts.

There are two main "core" GP documents:

Publication no. E29-12491 (295 KB, PDF) Fiscal Year 2007 Performance Contract General Provisions (Professional Services), posted 8/10/06. The 2007 General Provisions (Professional Services) Index (20 KB, PDF), posted 8/10/06, is provided separately.

The additional or "add-on" provisions to the core GPs for Substance Abuse contracts are available:

  • Publication no. EF29-12427 (56 KB, PDF) - Additional GPs for Substance Abuse subrecipient designated contractors, posted 6/16/06
  • Publication no. EF29-12428 (57 KB, PDF) - Additional GPs for Substance Abuse for vendor designated contractors, posted 10/9/07

A formal amendment document will be required under the revised GPs in most case, but for some smaller contract amendments the "Contract Revision Request" form, revised 6/20/06, found on the Forms web page may be used.

Please direct questions about the general provisions in an existing contract to your program contact or send email to CSCU Customer Support . Please direct questions about the new versions to the Office of General Counsel at (512) 458-7236.

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