Someday Starts Now


Someday Starts Now

If there’s a baby in your future, even if it’s months or years from now, today matters. Take control. Stop smoking, eat right and exercise and do something about your stress. Whether you are a man or a woman, your health today is important - and even more important to the baby you might have someday.

Someday Starts Now is the public awareness campaign of Healthy Texas Babies. The campaign’s centerpiece is a bilingual website – and The website features tools for providers in the healthcare and community settings, Life Planning and Birth Planning Tools, videos on the importance of breastfeeding, partner involvement, and preconception health as well as information for men and women of childbearing age for before, during and between pregnancies.

Other campaign elements include publications and materials that can be ordered through the DSHS Warehouse, such as posters about preconception and prenatal health, a worksheet to enhance patient-provider goal setting and communication, and a Frequently Asked Questions page. DSHS also developed multi-media tools such as web banners, radio and TV PSAs and a media outreach toolkit to allow partner organizations to cross-promote the campaign while highlighting their own local efforts.


Last updated March 27, 2019