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    DSHS HIV/STD Program

    Post Office Box 149347, MC 1873
    Austin, Texas 78714

    Phone: (512) 533-3000

    E-mail the HIV/STD Program

    E-mail data requests to HIV/STD Program - This email can be used to request data and statistics on HIV, TB, and STDs in Texas. It cannot be used to get treatment or infection history for individuals, or to request information on programs and services. Please do not include any personal, identifying health information in your email such as HIV status, Date of Birth, Social Security Number, etc.

    For treatment/testing history, please contact your local Health Department.

    For information on HIV testing and services available to Persons Living with HIV and AIDS, please contact your local HIV services organization.

Forms and Requirements for Prevention Data Collection and Submission


These forms and related documents are for the submission of prevention data by DSHS HIV prevention contractors. If you have questions about these documents e-mail DSHS, contact the approporiate staff listed below, your consultant, or Regional contact.

Document Revised
Group and Community Level Risk Reduction Activities (RRA)

RRA Data System Instructions and Submission Information (PDF : 560 kb)


Suggested RRA Data Collection Form (PDF : 18 kb)


Suggested Outreach Data Collection Form (PDF : 18 kb)


RRA Frequently Asked Questions



Counseling and Testing

Document Revised
Testing Without Counseling

Database Instructions and Submission Information (PDF : 952 kb)
Contact Jessica Keralis if you have any questions.


Suggested Testing without Counseling Data Collection Form (PDF : 48 kb)



Subject Area Name and E-mail Phone
Contact Information
Data Submission & all Data Questions (except Outcome Monitoring)* HIV Databox  
CTR Monthly Report Jessica Keralis (512) 533-3056
Special Reports/Data Requests Jessica Keralis (512) 533-3056
Testing Without Counseling Jessica Keralis (512) 533-3056
RRA Manuel Reyes (512) 533-3066
Outcome Monitoring TBD -

*The “HIV Databox” is monitored constantly. Please feel free to submit your inquires by email to this box.

Last updated December 04, 2015