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Child Care

Service Standard

Child Care Service Standard print version (PDF)

Subcategories ARIES Service Units
Child Care Services (ongoing daycare is provided and funded under Respite Care) Per hour

Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA) Description:

The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) supports intermittent child-care services for the children living in the household of people living with HIV who are RWHAP-eligible clients for the purpose of enabling clients to attend medical visits, related appointments, and/or RWHAP-related meetings, groups, or training sessions.

Allowable uses of funds include:

  • a licensed or registered childcare provider to deliver intermittent care
  • Informal childcare provided by a neighbor, family member, of other person (federal restrictions prohibit giving cash to clients or caregivers to pay for these services)


Program Guidance:

The use of funds under this service category should be limited and carefully monitored.

Such arrangements may also raise liability issues for the funding source, which should be carefully weighed in the decision process.



Direct cash payments to clients are not permitted.



Child Care Services is the provision of intermittent childcare for children living in the household of RWHAP-eligible clients to attend medical visits, related appointments to support HIV care, and RWHAP related meetings, groups, and/or trainings.


Service Standard and Measure

The following Standards and Measures are guides to improving health outcomes for people living with HIV throughout the State of Texas within the Ryan White Part B and State Services Program.

Standard Measure

Child Care Services: Intermittent childcare services are provided for the children living in the household of people living with HIV who are RWHAP-eligible clients to enable clients to attend medical visits, related appointments, and/or RWHAP- related meetings, groups, and/or training sessions.

Documentation in the client’s primary record must reflect the appointment and/or meeting/group/training session attended. At a minimum, documentation must include:

  • Date and duration of each unit of Child Care Services provided;
  • Reason why childcare was needed (e.g., client medical or other appointment or participation in a Ryan White-related meeting, group, or training session);
  • Any recreational and social activities, including documentation that they were provided only within a certified or licensed provider setting.

Percentage of clients accessing Child Care Services that have documentation in the client’s primary record of the medical appointment, related appointment, or RWHAP-related meeting, group, or training session attended.



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HRSA/HAB Division of State HIV/AIDS Programs National Monitoring Standards – Program Part B April, 2013. p. 26-28 (PDF)

Regulation of Certain Facilities, Homes, and Agencies that Provide Child Care Services. Chapter 42 Human Resources Code as amended | Also found here

HRSA Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program Services: Eligible Individuals & Allowable Uses of Funds Policy Clarification Notice (PCN) #16-02 (PDF) Revised 10/22/2018)

Last updated May 24, 2021