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Training - Gender and Sexual Diversity

Training Required for DSHS funded HIV/STD Prevention and Care Services workforce within first year of employment and highly encouraged at least once for all staff funded by DSHS to provide HIV/STD Services.

Gender and Sexual Diversity (GSD) – This course is dedicated to assisting staff in working with gender and sexually diverse clients and communities. GSD is a combination of web-based and virtual training. Participants will learn how to: identify differences between sexual orientation and gender identity, share info among providers on trends observed in GSD populations, practice counseling skills and culturally competent care, and examine impact of stigma on health of GSD populations. 

Course participants will be able to:

  • explore the dimensions of gender and sexuality,
  • examine the impact of stigma and discrimination on GSD populations, and
  • learn strategies for creating a more welcoming environment for GSD clients

This learning session consists of 1.5 hours of pre-work, a live 2-hour instructor-led training on Zoom, and post-work. All must be successfully completed in order to fulfill DSHS requirements.

To learn more about GSD and register for an upcoming course, visit the Cardea Gender and Sexual Diversity page. To view all upcoming courses visit the training calendar.

To learn more, contact Lisa Starr.

As an alternative to the training described above, the following courses can meet the DSHS requirement when all are completed:

Gender Diversity 101: Meeting Clients Where They are to Prevent HIV – As a result of completing this approximately one hour self-paced online course; clinicians, counselors, community health workers, and other health care staff will be able to discuss aspects of gender identity, gender discrimination and gender-related health disparities and how they impact clients. They will practice skills for assessing and treating gender-diverse clients who may be at risk for HIV or who have HIV. Social work and nursing CE’s are available.

Training on Gender and Sexuality Care

This two-part course series covers preventive care, health education and health promotion, reproductive health services and medical management of gender transition. It will help you provide culturally proficient, evidence-based care to transgender and gender nonconforming people

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