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Rabies Information

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image Rabies (Lyssa) ICD-9 071; ICD-10 A82  
Related Topics: Oral Rabies Vaccine Programs

Poster Contest
   Contest Information for the Rabies Awareness & Prevention Poster contest for K-8

   History and facts about rabies.

   Rabies control in Texas, pamphlets and programs

   Exposure and treatment of rabies in Texas.

   Rabies in bats.

   Rabies in skunks.

   Rabies pamphlet in Spanish and English.

   Rabies prevention in Texas, pamphlets, programs, clinics and websites. Rabies Prevention in Texas includes sections on:  rabies biologicals; management of biting animals; collection and submission of animal specimens for rabies testing at the DSHS laboratory in Austin; list of and contact information for DSHS-designated laboratories; management of domestic animals exposed to rabid animals; rabies postexposure prophylaxis for humans with a guide for determining if it is necessary, plus a list of and contact information for laboratories that provide RFFIT (rabies titer) testing; preexposure vaccination for humans; adverse reactions, precautions, and contraindications pertaining to rabies vaccine; distribution points for human rabies biologicals; and contact information for the Zoonosis Control Branch and Infectious Disease Control Unit.

Facts of Interest Pertaining to Rabies (PDF)
   8 things you may not know about rabies – but should

•  The Many Faces of Rabies - Elsevier Connect
   Categories of animals and types of behaviors associated with rabies

 • Rabies:  A Comprehensive Interview with Pamela Wilson 
   Podcast on various topics pertaining to rabies (podcast may be blocked by some networks)

•  More
   Other Useful Rabies Information.

Last updated October 24, 2019