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Pamphlets from the Zoonosis Control Branch

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has a variety of free educational materials available. Requirements for submitting a request include:

Requestor's name Shipping address (for large orders, please furnish a street address, not a P.O. Box)
Catalog number
Title of items requested
Quantity (unit of measure-each)
Date requested

These materials can be printed from the internet or obtained from the Forms and Literature , your DSHS Regional Offices, or directly from the DSHS Warehouse. Requests to the warehouse can be sent to:

Literature and Forms
Attn: Jensen Roberts
Texas Department of State Health Services
12300 Technology Blvd
Austin, Texas 78727
Fax:  512-250-9360

It is requested that only people who do not have internet access submit their orders by mail or fax.

The following is a list of available pamphlets:

(7-7) Encephalitis (Pamphlet) (PDF)
(7-7a) Encefalitis (Folleto - En Espaol) (PDF)
(7-11) Oral Rabies Vaccination Program (ORVP) (Pamphlet) (PDF)
(7-13) Rabies/La Rabia (English and Spanish) (Pamphlet) (PDF)
(7-16) The Wild Side of Rabies (Pamphlet) (PDF)
(7-20) Animal Bites Pamphlet (PDF)
(7-21) Preventing Dog Bites to Infants (poster)
(7-24) Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (PDF}
(7-25) Rabies and Wildlife (Poster)
(7-26) Rabies Poster (vaccination clinics/importance of vaccinations)
(7-26a) Rabies Poster (vaccination clinics/importance - Spanish)
(7-27) Zoonoses (Pamphlet) (PDF)
(7-28) Caring for Your Pet (PDF)
(7-32) Murine Typhus (Pamphlet)
(7-34) Toxoplasmosis (Pamphlet)
(7-36) Facts About Plague (Pamphlet)
(7-36a) Informacion Sobre La Peste (Pamphlet)
(7-37) Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (Pamphlet)
(7-39) Bats and Rabies Poster for Schools (Poster) (PDF)
(7-39a) Murcielagos y rabia postar para escuelas (Poster) (PDF)

The following list of pamphlets are no longer available for ordering from the DSHS Regional offices or Warehouse, but they are still available for printing copies:

(6-33) A Guide to the Diagnosis of Tick-Borne Diseases (Pamphlet) (PDF)
(6-52) Prevent dengue/Prevenga el dengue (English and Spanish) (Pamphlet) (PDF)
(6-108) Rabies Prevention in Texas (Booklet) (Contains technical information on pre- and postexposure treatment)
(7-12) Organizing a Low-Cost Rabies Vaccination Clinic (Pamphlet)
(7-14) Facts About Rabies (booklet)
(7-15) Rabies and How It Can be Controlled (Pamphlet)
(7-18) Rabies Control Act (Chapter 826 - Texas Health and Safety Code) (PDF)
(7-19) Texas Administrative Code, Rabies Control and Eradication (rules to Chapter 826) (PDF)
(7-22) Wildlife as Pets (Pamphlet)
(E2-8) Bats (PDF)

If you are interested in borrowing films on rabies or animal control for presentations, you can contact the DSHS Audiovisual Library at (512) 776-7260.

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Last updated July 14, 2015