The Upshot

The Upshot

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October 2020 | Now, More Than Ever, Get Your Flu Shot  

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Archived issues are kept for historical purposes only and may contain information that is outdated or no longer valid. For current information on any subject included in past issues of the Upshot, please contact the Department of State Health Services (DSHS).

July 2020 | National Immunization Awareness Month 

April 2020 | National Infant Immunization Week

January 2020 |  Prevent Cervical Cancer and more

October 2019 | Texas Immunization Conference, IMMY Nominees, Flu Coverage Rates and more

July 2019 |  Flu Challenge, National Immunization Awareness Month and Other Resources

April 2019 |  National Infant Immunization Week, The Texas Immunization Conference and Other Resources

January 2019 | Presenting the Upshot, Cervical Health Awareness Month and Other Resources   

About the Upshot 

The Upshot is a quarterly news publication from the Immunization Unit of the Department of State Health Services (DSHS). 

Here you’ll find information about vaccine-preventable diseases including recent news, special events, and helpful resources about how immunizations can protect you and your loved ones.


Last updated December 14, 2020