Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers Program

As part of the Texas Immunization Quality Improvement for Providers (IQIP) Program, childhood (4 DTaP, 3 Polio, 1 MMR, up-to-date (UTD) Hib, 3 Hepatitis B, 1 Varicella, UTD PCV) and adolescent (1 Tdap, 1 MCV, and UTD HPV) vaccination rates will be assessed based on all of the immunization records reported by the provider into ImmTrac2. The Immunization Unit’s Assessment, Compliance, and Evaluation (ACE) Group has developed a mechanism to generate this data out from the registry monthly. These rates will be provided to you monthly. In addition, TMF Quality Institute will also receive the information for the sites they will conduct an IQIP on.

The IQIP site visit will consist of a review of childhood and adolescent vaccination coverage rates, and education on two quality improvement strategies to be implemented by the provider and supporting staff. After this portion of the visit is complete, the site reviewer will transition the visit into a TVFC Compliance visit where the provider’s vaccine management plan, eligibility screening protocols, and vaccine storage and handling practices are reviewed. An IQIP Plan will be generated and provided to the staff at the site with instructions and action items to be completed over the course of 12-months. The IQIP quality improvement strategies for the first year will be focused on recommending appointment scheduling, best practices, and improving electronic health record reporting of immunizations administered by the provider into ImmTrac2. 

After the initial IQIP site visit, follow-ups will be scheduled and conducted by the responsible entity at 2-months and 6-months by phone. Responsible entities will check-in with the provider to see how well their IQIP quality improvement plan is working and document the progress into the IQIP database. At 12-months, another follow-up call will be conducted by the responsible entity to reassess the provider’s coverage assessment rates, and this data will also be recorded by the responsible entity into the IQIP database. After the 12-month follow-up is completed, the provider’s IQIP site visit will be finished for the year.

The Texas ImmTrac2 Interoperability Team is prepared and ready to work closely with providers to address and resolve electronic health record reporting and data exchange issues identified. An ImmTrac2 resource packet is currently under development and will include guidance on how to generate reminder recall reports, patient lists, an electronic data exchange onboarding checklist, and the Texas Immunization Provider Summary (TIPS) Report.

You will be informed which sites will be selected for an IQIP visit in your jurisdiction for this year.  Sites that do not have an IQIP visit this year will receive a TVFC Compliance site visit.

For any questions, contact your regional office. Regions may contact Montique Shepherd II, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Public Health Advisor assigned to Texas, at 

IQIP Notification Letter (PDF)

Texas IQIP Program Operations Manual for Responsible Entities (REs) (PDF) 

Last updated November 26, 2019