Comprehensive Clinic-Provider, Assessment, Software Application (CoCASA)

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CoCASA, which stands for Comprehensive Clinic/Provider Assessment Software Application, is a menu-driven relational database developed by the National Immunization Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as an assessment tool for health care providers. This application is used for the data entry and analysis components of a clinic assessment. CASA is used to conduct a practice-based vaccination assessment and  help providers understand current vaccination coverage levels and immunization practices in the specified facility being assessed.  CASA provides an extensive body of data that can be accessed and organized to suit individual practice needs.  CASA produces reports from a menu and provides programmatic feedback.

CASA Resources

Link to domain outside of TDH.Install CoCASA (version 7.1)

Link to domain outside of TDH.CoCASA Documentation

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Last updated July 30, 2019