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Immunization News

Take A Stand! Use Standing Orders to Vaccinate Adults – Free Workshops

One of the strategies for increasing adult immunization rates, both nationally and in Texas, is to have standing orders implemented with your medical practice.  In February, the Immunization Action Coalition will be hosting three four-hour workshops in Texas.  The workshops will provide information on the benefits of having standing orders implemented and how they can be implemented in a healthcare provider’s office.  The DSHS Immunization Branch encourages healthcare providers (clinicians, nurses, and clinical managers) serving adult clients to attend the free workshops. 

The workshops will provide a great opportunity to meet and interact with nationally recognized speakers in adult immunizations:

  • L.J. Tan, MS, PhD, Chief Strategy Officer, Immunization Action Coalition
  • William Atkinson, MD, MPH, Association Director for Immunization Education, Immunization Action Coalition
  • Alexandra Steward, JD, Association Professor, George Washington University

The workshops will be in the following locations:

  • Fort Worth – February 16, 2016, at the Omni Hotel Fort Worth
  • San Antonio – February 17, 2016, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel
  • Houston – February 19, 2016, at the JW Marriott Hotel

For additional information and to register for the free workshops, please visit www.StandingOrders.org. 

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Last updated January 23, 2016