Texas Immunization Partnerships

Texas Immunization Partnerships and Coalitions

In many communities an organization already exists that works to promote the protection vaccines provide. Learn how you can get involved in protecting your community.

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Texas Immunization Stakeholder Working Group (TISWG)

The goals of TISWG are to increase partnerships among community groups across the state and to improve immunization practices for all Texans. Learn more about TISWG, including benefits of membership and how to join.

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Immunization Ambassadors

By helping to promote programs and services to their specific audiences, our Immunization Ambassadors serve critically important roles as local coordinators, partners, facilitators and leaders.

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Texas Vaccine Education Online

DSHS provides training on many aspects of vaccine use. If you need information on vaccine handling, vaccine administration, vaccine promotion, or other aspects of immunizations, Texas Vaccine Education Online is your source for training. 

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Last updated July 23, 2020