EMS & Trauma Registries

The EMS & Trauma Registries (EMS/TR) is made up of four registries: the EMS Registry; the acute Traumatic Injury Registry; the Traumatic Brain Injury Registry / Spinal Cord Injury Registry; and the Submersion Registry. The EMS/TR is a statewide passive surveillance system that collects reportable event data from EMS providers, hospitals, Justices of the Peace, Medical Examiners, and rehabilitation facilities. Texas is home to one of the largest EMS registries in the United States with more than 3.4 million EMS runs received annually.

Nemsis V3 Compliant

Data reporting requirements for the EMS & Trauma Registries
Portal to the EMS & Trauma Registries
Texas Poison Center Network
Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council

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Last updated November 14, 2022