Dairy Water- Total Coliform MPN- Milk and Dairy

Laboratory Fee Schedule

Procedure:  MZZ0440A


Dairy Water- Total Coliform MPN- Milk and Dairy
Synonym(s): Total coliform, Dairy Water MPN
Requisition Form G-20
Test Description Detects the presence of Total coliform bacteria in Dairy Waters.
Pre-Approval Needed Regulatory
Supplemental Information Required N/A
Supplemental Form(s) N/A  
Performed on Specimens from (sources) Food
Sample/Specimen Type for Testing

Glycol, Sweetwater, Chilling Water, Cooling Water, Silo Water, Dairy Waters

Minimum Volume/Size Required > 105 mL
Storage/Preservation Prior to Shipping

•   Place sample in water-tight, wide-mouthed container with a capacity of at least 120 mL (4 oz).

•   Sodium thiosulfate (100mg/L) must be added to containers before sterilization (0.1 mL of 10% sodium thiosulfate solution, appropriate tablet, or powder).

•   Samples must be tested within 30 hours of collection.

•   Dairy water samples must be

  • tested within 6 hours of collection if not refrigerated (temperature control not required)
  • maintained at 0.0°C to 4.5°C and shipment must include temperature control.
Transport Medium N/A
Specimen Labeling Sample Identification must match submission form.
Shipping and Specimen Handling Requirements

•   Ship samples on Ice and/or Ice Packs

•   Samples must be shipped for overnight delivery

•   Ship according to Dangerous Good Regulations, IATA, and/or CFR 49.


FORM FDA/NCIMS 2400m Dairy Waters

Turn-around Time 5 Days
Interferences/Limitations Can detect total coliform bacteria at a sensitivity of <1.1 CFU/100 mL.
Common Causes for Rejection

•   Not collected by a Registered Sanitarian 

•   Insufficient quantity specimen

•   Improperly stored, 

•   Failure to meet shipping guidelines

Additional Information N/A

Last updated June 20, 2022