Laboratory Services Section - Texas Newborn Screening Performance Measures Project (TNSPMP)

TNSPMP - Established October 2007
Purpose: To develop evidence-based performance measures in the pre- and post-analytical stages of the newborn screening process in Texas. 
  • Initial investigation to identify performance measures
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Performance measures pilot testing
Team: The TNSPMP project team—in collaboration with the Texas Newborn Screening Continuous Quality Improvement Team (TNS CQI)—will be responsible for the main project activities. The project team includes subject matter experts and newborn screening stakeholders.
Guide: Information on the Texas NBS program and project (PDF 388k)
Plan: Project Plan document (PDF 233k)
Original Grant Announcement: CDC-C107-710 Funding Opportunity Guidelines (PDF 92k)
Project Initiation: CDC-107 Narrative (PDF 183k)
Texas Newborn Screening (NBS) Background
In February 2007, the DSHS Texas Newborn Screening Program (TNSP) added Tandem Mass Spectrometry (MS/MS) screening technology and increased its newborn screening panel from seven to 27 disorders. Each year, the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) Newborn Screening laboratory (NBS) performs approximately 800,000 newborn screens, making it the highest volume screening laboratory in the world.
NBS Program Components:
  • Parent/provider education
  • Specimen collection, transport, and delivery
  • Initial and secondary laboratory screening
  • Provide recommendations and guidelines for confirmatory testing when screen is positive
  • Follow-up to ensure the baby is cleared or diagnosed
  • Immediate and long-term follow-up to ensure appropriate care
  • Evaluation of all system components
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