The Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) is a survey designed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to identify and monitor selected maternal experiences before, during, and after pregnancy. Texas has been participating in PRAMS since 2002. The PRAMS survey asks questions on health topics, such as access to prenatal care, pregnancy intention, alcohol use, smoking, knowledge of the importance of folic acid, multivitamin use, type of insurance, intimate partner violence, postpartum depression, breastfeeding, infant sleep position, and smoke exposure. Surveys are completed via phone or mail by mothers who are residents of Texas who have recently given birth.                                                               

In Texas, PRAMS provides the most comprehensive population-based data on maternal health during and after pregnancy. Texas PRAMS data are used by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) and several other state agencies and stakeholders to inform, develop, and drive policies and programs to improve the health of mothers and babies. 

The Texas PRAMS Annual Report/Databook and other publications are available from the download below. Due to the CDC timeline for data collection, data cleaning, and weighting, the Annual Report/Databook is generally available two years after the end of each birth year.  

Requests of information regarding PRAMS should be directed to the Texas PRAMS Coordinator by email at or by phone at 512-776-2935.

Click the link to view the PRAMS Data Dashboard on the Texas Health Data site. The dashboard displays survey results from 2012-2018 in three different views.


2002-2003 Questionnaire

2004-2008 Questionnaire

2009-2011 Questionnaire

2012-2015 Questionnaire

2016 Questionnaire 

2017-2021 Questionnaire 


Preconception Health Indicators Among Women - Texas, 2002-2010

Texas 2009-2010 Flu Issue Brief   

Texas Pre-Pregnancy Obesity PRAMS 2009-2011

Dashboard on Prenatal Oral Health Care

Fatherhood Fact Sheet


Texas 2018 PRAMS Databook Summary (790KB, PDF)

Texas 2017 PRAMS Databook Summary ( 1.9MB, PDF)

Texas 2016 PRAMS Databook Summary (2.5 MB, PDF)

Texas 2015 PRAMS Databook Summary (2.3 MB, PDF)

Texas 2014 PRAMS Databook Summary (5 MB, PDF)

Texas 2013 PRAMS Databook (11 MB, PDF)

Texas 2012 PRAMS Databook (2 MB, PDF)

Texas 2011 PRAMS Databook (2 MB, PDF)

Texas 2010 PRAMS Databook (1 MB, PDF)

Texas 2009 PRAMS Databook (1 MB, PDF)

Texas 2008 PRAMS Databook (3 MB, PDF)

Texas 2007 PRAMS Databook (3 MB, PDF)

Texas 2004 PRAMS Databook (3 MB, PDF)

Texas 2003 PRAMS Databook (3 MB, PDF)

Texas 2002 PRAMS Databook (3 MB, PDF)


The Current Issue Volume 24, December 2018 of the Texas Birth Defects Monitor makes use of recent PRAMS data. 


Last updated April 19, 2021