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Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists About the Profession - Code of Ethics

The following sections of the rules, 22 TAC §801 Subchapter C, relate to the Code of Ethics and the Rendering of Professional Therapeutic Services.

§801.42 Professional Therapeutic Services
§801.43 Professional Representation
§801.44 Relationships with Clients
§801.45 Sexual Misconduct
§801.46 Testing
§801.47 Drug and Alcohol Use
§801.48 Record Keeping, Confidentiality and Release of Records, and Required Reporting 
§801.49 Licensees and the Board
§801.50 Corporation and Business Names 
§801.51 Consumer Complaint Information
§801.52 Display of License Certificate
§801.53 Advertising and Announcements
§801.54 Research and Publications
§801.55 Parenting Coordination
§801.56 Parenting Facilitation

Last updated February 11, 2015