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Welcome to the DSHS website for Local Planning and Network Development (LPND).

DSHS has developed this website to provide information to all stakeholders, including private providers, who may be interested in the provision of mental health services in collaboration with Local Mental Health Authorities throughout the State of Texas.

This new collaborative approach to service provision is detailed in Title 25, Texas Administrative Code (25 TAC), Chapter 412, Subchapter P. This approach allows for a standardized, transparent process for planning and developing a network of mental health service providers, emphasize a choice of providers, and allow for local control through stakeholder input while requiring the network to be managed by the LMHA. This website is meant to assist interested service providers in negotiating the application process to become part of a local provider network.

On this website, DSHS provides:

  • Links to Resiliency and Disease Management (RDM) and other important information
  • Minimum service requirements
  • Service capacity information for each local service area, to include
    • contractual service targets for the number of adults and children/adolescents to be served
    • current state funding allocation for each LMHA; and
    • actual number of adults and children/adolescents served in each RDM service package.
  • A mechanism for providers to indicate their interest (see Provider Inquiry Form), and
  • The resulting list of interested providers for each local service area.

LPND News & Updates

2012 Planning Materials

March 16, 2010 — The following items are now available:

Providers may submit a description of their qualifications, including their experience as it relates to the same or similar services and populations defined in the RDM service packages. Information submitted by interested providers will be posted on this website.

This list of potential qualified providers is made available to assist LMHAs in making their procurement decisions. The existence of listed qualified providers in an LMHA service area should not be interpreted by the LMHA as requiring procurement.

Implementation Plans

The rule requires that each LMHA develop a two-year local plan for the development of an external provider network. When approved by DSHS, the LMHA plan is posted on its website. The third two-year planning cycle begins on March 1, 2012.  LMHAs will have seven months to assess the availability of interested providers and update their existing plans.  Revised plans must be submitted to DSHS by October 1, 2012. 

Draft Subchapter Concerning Provider Network Development


In accordance with Texas Government Code, §2001.039, which requires DSHS to review each of its rules every four years, the department is reviewing the attached draft subchapter concerning provider network development. This is an opportunity to participate in the DSHS rule-making process by providing written comments and suggestions for improving the processes and procedures for developing a provider network that promotes consumer choice. The revised draft was developed through the cross-functional efforts of DSHS program and legal staff along with a focus group comprised of members of the Local Authority Network Advisory Committee (LANAC) and other stakeholders. Revisions to the current rules are highlighted in the document below. Informal comments are due March 30, 2012.

Contact Us

For more information, please send an email to LPND@dshs.state.tx.us.

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