Frequently Asked Questions


How long will I be there?
The average stay is 6-9 months.

Can I bring belts, shoe laces, jewelry?
Yes, belts, shoe laces and jewelry are allowed but jewelry must be appropriate (no skulls, spikes, drugs, tobacco, etc.)

Can I bring IPod, MP3 players, musical instruments, skateboards, etc.?
No, electronic devices are not allowed (this includes cell phones) but you can bring a radio. Musical instruments and/or skateboards are not allowed.

Can I bring make-up, nail polish or flat/curling irons?
Yes, make-up, nail polish and flat/curling irons are allowed.

Will I have a roommate?
Yes, but there may be times when you do not have a roommate.

Can I bring my cell phone, computer or TV?
No, cell phones, computers, or TVs are not allowed. Each unit has a TV and you will have access to computers in school.

Can I bring my game system?
No, no game systems of any kind are allowed.

Can I wear my own clothes?
Yes, you may bring and wear your own clothes. All clothing will be screened upon admission to make sure it is appropriate. If clothing is not appropriate (such as being too small, too big, too revealing or depicts tobacco, drugs, alcohol, satanic themes) it will be sent home with your family.

How long is a typical school day?
All clients attend school on our campus. The average school day is from 8am-3pm.

When can I go home for a visit?
Visits to home are allowed but will be determined by your treatment team and are based on your participation in treatment.

Can I make phone calls & receive letters?
Yes, you can make phone calls and receive letters.

Do we go on field trips?
Yes, activities are planned and based on your level of participation in treatment.

Parent Questions:

Is there a fee or do you accept my insurance?
Yes, there is a sliding scale fee. Parent’s taxable income is considered when assessing the parent’s fee. Check with your insurance to see if we are listed as a provider.

What if my child receives SSI, child support, or Medicaid?
Parents are encourage to contact your local Social Security Office to see how their benefits will be impacted by their child being placed at a residential treatment facility. If a child receives RSDI, WCY may apply to become representative payee. Child support is considered when assessing fees. Adoption subsidies is also considered when assessing fees. WCY will request for Medicaid to pay for residential stay.

When can they come home for a visit?
Visits home are allowed but will be determined by your child’s treatment team.

Will they attend public school?
No, our clients go to school on our campus.

Who can visit my child?
Immediate family only.

If my child has appointments (i.e. court hearing, orthodontist appts, etc.), who will transport them to those appts.?
Typically, if it is local we can work with the LAR for us to provide transportation. If it is out of town, we will communicate with the LAR to schedule a furlough for the parent to transport.

Do I have to provide medication for my child during his/her stay?
No, medication will be provided by WCY.

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Last updated May 07, 2014