Medical Radiologic Technologist Certification Program Apply for a New License - Application Instructions


An applicant must submit all required information and documentation of credentials on official department forms.

The department shall not consider an application as officially submitted until the applicant pays the correct fee. The correct fee must accompany the application form.

The department shall send a notice listing the additional materials required to an applicant whose application is incomplete. An application not completed within 30 days after the date of notice shall be invalid unless the applicant has advised the department of a valid reason for the delay.

Applications will be accepted for a temporary certificate from students not more than 28 calendar days prior to the date of graduation from an approved medical radiologic technologist education program.

The application form shall contain the following items:

  • Specific information regarding personal data, social security number, birth date, current and previous places of employment, other state licenses and certificates held, misdemeanor and felony convictions, and educational and training background;
  • A statement that the applicant has read the Texas Medical Radiologic Technologist Certification Act (the Act) and this chapter and agrees to abide by them;
  • The applicant's permission to the department to seek any information or references which are material in determining the applicant's qualifications;
  • A statement that the applicant, if issued a certificate, shall return the certificate and identification card(s) to the department upon the expiration, revocation, surrender or suspension of the certificate;
  • A statement that the applicant understands that the fees submitted are nonrefundable unless the processing time is exceeded without good cause as set out in subsection (e)(1) of this section;
  • A statement that the applicant understands that the materials submitted become the property of the department and are nonreturnable (unless prior arrangements have been made);
  • A statement that the information in the application is truthful and that the applicant understands that providing false or misleading information which is material in determining the applicant's qualifications may result in the voiding of the application and failure to be granted any certificate or the revocation of any certificate issued;
  • A statement that the applicant shall advise the department of his or her current mailing address within 30 days of any change of address;
  • The signature of the applicant which has been dated; and

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Last updated August 26, 2010