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    Newborn Screening

    preview   English/Spanish

    "UPDATED" 10 Things Parents Want to Know About Newborn Screeningpreview   English/Spanish

    - The Newborn Screening Program identifies those few infants who have certain serious birth defects. preview  English

    - preview    Spanish

    - preview    Vietnamese

    "UPDATED" preview 

    - The health professional's guide for a brief discussion with parents. preview 

    - preview    Spanish

    "UPDATED"- The health professional's guide for a brief discussion with parents. preview  English

    "UPDATED" preview    Spanish

                    "UPDATED" - preview    Vietnamese (Download Only)

    - (Size=16"x20") Newborn Screening: For Your Baby's Health. Who, What, When, and Why. English/Spanish preview


    Specimen Collection

    English CD-ROM contains PowerPoint and video presentations regarding newborn screening and specimen collection and handling procedures. Excellent for classroom instruction. preview Specimen Collection & Handling Procedures (.wmv file) preview Specimen Collection Presentation and Newborn Screening Presentation

    - (English) Unsuitable specimens cause delays that can seriously affect the health of a newborn. This booklet shows step-by-step how to collect a satisfactory and valid newborn screening specimen. Specimen Collection Guide

    - English 8½ x 11. Valid and Invalid Specimens Simple Spot Check

                     Simple Spot Check - Spanish 8½ x 11 Prueba Selectiva Sencilla (Download Only)

    - English 8½ x 11. Steps for neonatal blood sample collection. Collection and Handling Procedure

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