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Physical Activity Strategies


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Physical Activity has slowly been engineered out of everyday life in America.  Despite all of the known benefits, the majority of Texans do not get enough physical activity on a daily basis.  Changes in the environment, such as urban sprawl and less physical education in schools, make getting enough physical activity increasingly more difficult.

Let’s Bring Physical Activity Back to Texas

By getting more physical activity, Texans young and old can improve their quality of life, increase their energy, and improve their wellbeing. Click for more benefits of physical activity and to see the current recommendations.

Reducing Screen Time

One strategy for increasing physical activity and improving calorie balance is reducing “screen time,” or time spent sitting in front of a computer, video game, or TV screen. The more time a person spends in front of a screen on a daily basis, the more likely it is that they will become overweight.  Click for more Screen Time facts and strategies for reducing sedentary behavior (PDF, 20 KB). The Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Prevention program is striving to make physical activity the easy choice for Texans!

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Last updated November 12, 2012