Offender Education Program Enforcement Actions


Disciplinary actions are taken by regulatory authorities (boards, committees, programs) in response to a violation of the law or rules.  Different kinds of actions may be taken depending on the severity of the offense, the history of previous violations, efforts made to correct the violation, the harm to the victim(s), the likelihood of a repeat violation, and other matters related to each particular case.  These actions are taken to protect and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Texas.

Final Disciplinary Actions - License Denial, Surrender, Revocation
Further information, including a copy of the final order, is available upon written request from our office.

Final Disciplinary Actions - All Other, including Probated Suspension, Reprimand, and Administrative Penalty
These actions will be posted on this website for a total of seven (7) years from the date all the terms of the Order have been met, in accordance with our records retention schedule. The regulated individual may now be currently licensed, in good standing, and practicing without any restrictions.

Offender Education Program  


Name License Number  Type of License City of Residence Alleged Violation Disciplinary Action  Date of Action
Cobbin, Willie Applicant n/a Richmond, TX   

25 TAC §453.104 and §453.123, and TOC §53.021-Related to Criminal History/Convictions.

Denial of Application 12/11/2013
Ragland, Andrea Offender Education Instructor Applicant n/a Cedar Hill, TX

40 TAC §153.32, 153.3, 153.41, 153.42, 153.44, 153.51 and 153.53-Related to offering a one-day class to fulfill participant requests for a class to meet an MIP requirement, and failure to issue an MIP certificate to those participants.

Denial of Application 7/1/11
 Stoneham,Lane d/b/a Education Resource Inc.      Manchaca, Texas  25 TAC §453.121 – Providing 12 hours of course instruction  Admin Penalty $1,200 5/10/2005

Click here to review PLC Trends and Analysis related to Final Enforcement Actions
(will not include actions against Offender Education Programs prior to 2005)

For more information about the disciplinary actions listed on this website, please call our office using our toll-free complaint line at 1-800-942-5540 and ask to speak with Celeste Lunceford.

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Last updated January 06, 2014
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