Maternal & Child Health Epidemiology



  • We use scientific approaches, perspectives, and methods based in epidemiology, statistics, psychology, economics, and medicine.


  • We provide accurate, timely, and quality information to support decision-making and solutions for maternal and child health. 


  • Drive maternal and child health through scientific research, population health needs assessment, epidemiologic surveillance, and data analytics.
  • Direct State Systems Development Initiative (SSDI) and Pregnancy Assessment Monitoring System (PRAMS) for Texas.


  • POPULATION HEALTH NEEDS ASSESSMENT AND SURVEILLANCE — assessing the current status, needs, and disparities within the maternal and child health population through survey studies, data analytics, and geographic mapping.
  • MEASUREMENT AND REPORTING — measuring and reporting the impact of health conditions, and responding to data requests by agency executives, legislators, federal partners, advocates, media, and the public at large.
  • PREGNANCY RISK ASSESSMENT MONITORING SYSTEM (PRAMS) — collecting, analyzing, and reporting Texas-specific, population-based data on maternal attitudes and experiences before, during, and shortly after pregnancy.
  • SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH — conducting research projects and advanced statistical analyses on specific topics to add to the knowledge base on maternal and child health.

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Last updated July 29, 2019