Opticians' Registry Statutes & Laws


View the law on the State of Texas web site

Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 352

The text of the law is available to download or print by scrolling to Chapter 352 at: http://www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us/

Note: You can find the Texas Occupations Code by scrolling and selecting "Occupations Code" on the first drop down box, then on Article/Chapter, scroll and select "Chapter 352. Opticians", and finally select the "Go" button to view or print the Texas Occupations Code.

What are the laws that regulate opticians?

In Texas, there are three different laws that may regulate the activities of opticians. Opticians who choose to become registered dispensing opticians are subject to the Opticians’ Registry Act. Registered dispensing opticians must also comply with the rules of the Texas Board of Health that relate to opticianry.

Opticians who are not registered dispensing opticians are subject to certain requirements of the Texas Optometry Act.

All opticians and optical businesses that sell, deliver, or dispense contact lenses in Texas are subject to the permit requirements of the Texas Contact Lens Prescription Act, even if they are registered dispensing opticians.

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Last updated August 25, 2010
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