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Primary Health Care Program Contractor Training


The Primary Health Care Group is pleased to announce the 2012 PHC Contractor Eligibility Training dates.  This training will be presented quarterly at the DSHS main campus in Austin, unless otherwise noted. 

It is a 1-day training lasting approximately 7 hours.  It will provide an overview of the PHC program covering information targeted towards PHC eligibility screeners and workers.  The session includes a thorough review of the client eligibility process with several hands-on case exercises.  Additionally, information regarding SSI & SSDI, Chapter 31, PHC definitions, common-law marriages, interviewing techniques and resource/referral information will also be provided.

To register for training please e-mail Karen Gray, the Primary Health Care Group Trainer, at karen.gray@dshs.state.tx.us.  If you have any additional questions, you may contact Karen Gray at (512) 776-7706.

 We look forward to seeing you at training.

The dates for the Primary Health Care Contractor Training are as follows:

August 8, 2013, William B. Travis building, 1701 North Congress Avenue, Room #1-104, Austin, TX 78707 – REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED

To register please e-mail Karen Gray, the PHC Group Trainer, at karen.gray@dshs.state.tx.us.  Please be sure to include in your email each person's name, email address, contractor/facility name, and contact phone number.  If you have any additional questions, you may contact Karen Gray at (512) 776-7706. 

Last updated June 27, 2013