Agreement Information - Radiation Control Program

On January 10, 1963, during a ceremony at the State Capitol, the State of Texas and the United States Atomic Energy Commission (now the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission) signed an agreement that gave Texas licensing and regulatory authority over radioactive materials in the state, with the exception of special nuclear material in excess of a critical mass and radioactive material utilized by federal agencies.

Photo Description: (Left to Right) Governor-Elect John Connally; Lieutenant Governor Preston Smith; Glenn Seaborg, Chair of the AEC; and Charles Barden, Director of Occupational Health and Radiation Control Program.


The agreement became effective March 1, 1963. The Texas Department of State Health Services, Radiation Control, has since ensured that the beneficial uses of radiation have been maximized while unnecessary exposure to radiation affecting occupational workers and Texas citizens has been minimized.

Forty years later, Representative Warren Chisum, R-Pampa, introduced a resolution, HRC 20, reinforcing the importance of the original agreement.

Photo Description: The photo was taken when House Concurrent Resolution 20 passed on March 11, 2003. In front, from left, is Arthur Tate, former director of Compliance and Inspection of the Texas Department of Health, Bureau of Radiation Control (BRC); Bureau Chief Richard Ratliff of BRC; and Ruth McBurney, director of Licensing, Registration and Standards of BRC. In back, from left, is David Lacker, former bureau chief of BRC; Charles Barden, first BRC program director and in charge when the Agreement was signed 40 years ago; Rep. Warren Chisum, HCR 20 sponsor; and Tom Craddick, speaker of the Texas House of Representatives.

Last updated March 5, 2021