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Applications and Forms - Laser and Laser Device Services Registration

Laser and Laser Device Services Applications and Forms

Laser Registration Applications and Forms
Document Number Title
RC 17-L Termination of Laser Registration (PDF, 24KB)
RC 18-L Laser Transfer/Disposal Form (PDF, 16KB)
RC 42-L Laser Safety Officer (LSO) Information (PDF, 495KB)
RC 226-1 Business Information Form - Registration (PDF, 24KB)
RC 301-2 Application for Lasers (PDF, 23KB)
RC 301-3 Written Notice for Laser Light Show in Texas (PDF, 225KB)
RC 301-4 Registration Application for Laser Device Services (PDF, 35KB)

Notice to Employees

Notice to Employees
Document Number Title
RC 203-1 Notice to Employees (PDF, 10KB)
RC 232-1 Notice to Employees (Dentists Only) (PDF, 9KB)
RC 233-2 Notice to Employees (Vets Only) (PDF, 64KB)
Last updated November 19, 2021