Medical and Academic Licensing of Radioactive Materials

Instructions to Apply for a License for Human Use of Radioactive Material

The following documents should be used when applying for a new license or renewing an existing license or if adding a new authorized physician user:

Medical and Academic Radioactive Materials License Documents
Document Number Title
RC 252-2 Radioactive Material License Forms 
Regulatory Guide 3.1 Preparation of License Applications for the Medical Use of Radioactive Material (PDF, 149KB)

Other Guidance Information

Supplemental guidance information is available for the following uses of radioactive material:

  • Use of Xenon-133 - worksheet and information required, in addition to license application
  • Brachytherapy - safety guidelines for a brachytherapy program
  • Low energy seeds - amendment criteria for low energy seeds; receipt, use and disposal log; radiation safety checklist and room survey
  • Bioassay requirements for I-125 and I-131
  • PET radiopharmaceuticals - amending a license to add PET radiopharmaceuticals
  • Out patient radionuclide therapy information
  • Implant log and survey
  • Medical subsites - guidance for adding a subsite not associated with a move of the facility and a checklist for adding a new site

Persons desiring these documents may obtain them by calling (512) 834-6661 or by faxing their request and contact information to (512) 834-6690.

Additional information and instructions can be found below:

Policy on Medical Practice for Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine

A radioactive material license which authorizes medical use of radioactive material may constrain the actions of the licensed entity. In accordance with the Medical Practice Act Section 1.02.(8), nothing in a license issued for medical uses of radioactive material shall be construed as limiting the clinical administration of Food and Drug Administration approved pharmaceuticals to a patient for imaging and localization studies by an appropriately approved physician user named on the license.

September 2, 1997

Last updated March 5, 2021