NORM Licensing (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material)

Agencies Regulating NORM

There are three agencies responsible for regulating different aspects of NORM. The following is an attempt to clarify each agency's role, what regulations apply and whom to contact for more information or questions.

1. Texas Department of State Health Services, Radiation Control Program, Radiation Safety Licensing Branch

DSHS regulates receipt, possession, storage, use and treatment of NORM under 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.259 - Licensing of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.

2. Railroad Commission of Texas

Railroad Commission of Texas regulates the disposal of oil and gas NORM waste under 16 Texas Administrative Code, Part 1, Chapter 4, Subchapter F - Oil and Gas NORM.

Performance of NORM decontamination, and disposal by the owner through on-site land farming and/or injection well disposal is under the RRC’s purview.

3. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality regulates disposal of all NORM, except oil and gas. Their rules are currently in the developmental stage.

Applications Process for Mobile NORM Decontamination of Equipment

Required Forms

Applications and Forms Required for Licensing of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials
Document Number Title
RC 252-2 Radioactive Material License (PDF, 67KB)
RC 252-1 Business Information Form - License (PDF, 54KB)

Application Fees

The application fee for Mobile operations (limited to temporary job sites) is $9,650.00 plus a $482.50 license surcharge for a total of $10,132.50. Checks should be written to Texas Department of State Health Services. For other options or combinations of uses, please contact us. Renewals will include a $20 Texas Online fee.

Assistance with Forms

When applying for a mobile NORM decontamination license, please see Regulatory Guide 2.18 - Preparation of Radioactive Material License Applications for Decontamination Services (PDF, 106KB).

When applying for a fixed site NORM decontamination license, follow Preparation of an Application for Processing of Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) (PDF, 151KB).

Applicable Regulations

See the Laws and Rules page for a list of applicable statutes and regulations pertaining to NORM licensing.

Contact Information

NORM Licensing

Email: Shawn Garza
Phone: (512) 834-6688 ext. 2628

NORM Compliance and Inspections

Email: Eric Skotak
Phone: (512) 834-6676 

Last updated March 8, 2021