Termination of a Storage Location or Radioactive Material License

Before an area can be released for unrestricted use, you are required to submit survey and/or sample results verifying compliance with Title 25 Texas Administrative Code §289.202(eee). Provide the following information:

Written Request

Provide a written request indicating that you want to terminate an authorized storage location or that you want to terminate your Radioactive Material License.

Close Out Survey

Provide a copy of the most recent leak test record for each sealed source that was stored at the facility, if only sealed sources were used.

Otherwise, a closeout survey for the facility where radioactive material was stored and/or used must be submitted. In a diagram format show the positions at which readings were taken and indicate the corresponding readings. Provide the make, model number and last date of calibration of the survey instrument used to take the assessments.

Disposal of Radioactive Material

Provide information concerning the disposition of the radioactive material stored at the site(s). If it was transferred to an authorized recipient, provide records documenting the transfer. Each transfer record must indicate the isotope, the activity and the model and serial numbers of each device and/or sealed source. The transfer record must also indicate the name, address and license number of the transferor and transferee, the signatures of a representative of the transferor and transferee and the date of transfer of the radioactive material.


All outstanding fees must be paid before your Radioactive Material License can be terminated. You must request termination of your license prior to the due date of the bill to have the fee waived.

Compliance Issues

All Notice of Violations must be resolved prior to termination.

Monitoring Records

Copies of certain monitoring data associated with a license must be submitted before a termination can be completed. Monitoring data includes any of the following:

  • Survey results to determine the dose from external sources of radiation used
  • Measurement and calculation results used to determine individual intakes of radioactive material and use in the assessment of internal dose
  • Air sampling, survey and bioassay results required by rule or license condition
  • Measurement and calculation results used to evaluate the release of radioactive effluents to the environment

If your company did not perform any of the above dose/effluent determinations, state so in your request for termination.

Special Requirement for Septic Tank Use

Regulations prohibit the release of radioactive material into a septic system. Therefore, indicate if a septic tank system was used at your facility. If a septic tank was used, you are required to submit results of a radiochemical analysis of the tank sludge.

Last updated March 5, 2021