Public Health Region 11 Birth Defects Monitoring Division

Vision Statement:

To be one of the most accurate, efficient, innovative, and responsive birth defect registries in the state.


To identify and describe the patterns of birth defects in our region. To collaborate within finding causes of birth defects, working towards prevention, and linking families with services.


  • Create and maintain a registry of birth defects in our region.
  • Describe patterns of birth defects in our jurisdiction.
  • Monitor data for changes in rates through time and place.
  • Respond to request for data in accordance with regional guidelines.
  • Assist to conduct cluster investigations.
  • Support the education of the general public and health professionals about the causes, surveillance, impact and prevention of birth defects.
  • To collaborate in education and preventive measures to reduce birth defects prevalence region-wide.
  • Identify and collaborate on the referral of children with special needs to appropriate services.


Texas Birth Defects Monitoring Division --

Jorge Trevino
Program Manager

Last updated February 23, 2021