Public Health Region 11 Preparedness and Response Program

Vision Statement:

Our Vision is to safeguard lives by ensuring that all counties and local health departments in Region 11 are prepared to respond to public health emergencies due to acts of bioterrorism, other outbreaks of infectious disease, and other public health threats and emergencies.


The purpose of the Preparedness and Response Program (PRP) is to ensure Region 11 counties are prepared to respond to a public health emergency due to bioterrorism, other public health threats through planning and coordination with stakeholders. We work with local jurisdictions stakeholders to formulate and integrate plans, coordinate resources and training, and exercise protocols for public health emergency response. We are also prepared to assist in any other part of the state.


  • Participate in regional preparedness planning and readiness, including the Strategic National Stockpile Program and CHEMPACK.
  • Coordinate communications and information technology, including the Health Alert Network.
  • Plan for risk communication and disseminate health information.
  • Coordinate and participate in education and training.
  • Coordinate and participate in exercises to test plans.
  • Conduct quality assurance with contractors.


VACANT – Program Manager

Last updated August 16, 2021