Public Health Region 11 Texas Health Steps Program

Vision Statement:

Because all children should have an opportunity to fully contribute and participate in society to the fullest extent of their potential.


The Texas Department of Health endorses an approach to health care that stresses preventive and primary care as most efficient and cost-effective ways to improve health. The mission of the Texas Health Steps Program is to promote preventive and primary health and dental care to Medicaid-eligible youth from birth through age 20. Through Texas Health Steps, clients receive regularly scheduled medical and dental checkups at no cost to them, as well as treatment for problems discovered during the checkups. In case of illness or emergency, a client may see a doctor through Medicaid Program.


The activities of the regional program include recruitment and contracting of care providers and outreach, management and follow up of clients. Medical and Dental screenings are provided by private and other community health as well as this region's medical, dental and nursing staff.

The Texas Health Steps medical screen is a health checkup that includes:

  • a medical history (including a physical and mental health development)
  • a complete physical examination
  • assessment of nutritional, developmental, and mental-health needs
  • laboratory tests (including lead screening)
  • routine immunizations
  • health education
  • vision screening
  • hearing screening
  • referrals to other health care providers (including dentists) as needed
Last updated February 24, 2021