Public Health Region 4 and 5N HIV-STD Program

The HIV/STD program is part of the network which performs investigative work aimed at tracking down the source of infections and subsequent contacts of the individual who may have been infected.  Services include counseling, obtaining names of contacts, referrals to medical providers and assuring proper treatments.  The program cooperates with medical providers, local health departments and community-based screening entities in providing clinical, diagnostic and epidemiologic services, including STD related treatment/screening supplies and also provides information and referrals.

The HIV/AIDS Program:

  • Acts as a liaison for surveillance activities between the Department of State Health Services and local health departments, hospitals and private medical providers;
  • Monitors and/or provides technical assistance to grant recipients, potential contractors and other providers in the areas of counseling and testing, education, outreach activities and health services 
  • Provides information and referrals, to regional stakeholders, health and medical providers.  


Contact Persons:
Debra Baker
Program Manager
HIV/STD Program
(903) 533-5329
Karin Benitez 
Public Health Tech
(903) 533-5330


Fax Number-HIV/STD is (903) 533-5348

Main Telephone (903) 595-3585  

Department of State Health Services
Public Health Region 4 and 5 North
2521 West Front Street
Tyler, Texas  75702  


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Last updated February 25, 2021