Texans Saved by the Belt



Texans Saved by the Belt

Are you a crash survivor?

Are you an advocate for safety belts and child seats?

Have you or someone in your family survived a traffic crash because of any of the following?

  • Safety Belt
  • Child restraint, including booster seat

Are you interested in promoting safety belts and child seats as essential to safe driving? If so, then you are invited to be a member of Texans Saved by the Belt. There are no fees now or later.


What is Texans Saved by the Belt?

Texans Saved by the Belt is a way of honoring those persons who had the foresight to use one of the of the above safety devices and subsequently prevented a serious injury or death. Your story as a crash survivor or that of your child may help convince someone else to buckle up themselves or their child. Also, if you choose, it can be a way to receive news and information about child passenger safety and occupant restraint safety in Texas.


What will happen if I join?

You will receive a certificate in the mail. You may also choose to receive periodic email news items related to child passenger safety and occupant restraint safety.

In the future, you may be contacted by Safe Riders to see if you are willing to tell your story to the news media at an event such as a news conference or a training conference. If asked, your participation is voluntary.


How do I join?

Complete the Texans Saved by the Belt membership form on-line. You may also print the application out, complete it and mail it to:

G407 Safe Riders, Health Promotion Unit MC 1923
Department of State Health Services
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, TX 78714-9347


Thank you!



Last updated July 28, 2011