Sanitarian Registration Program - Address Change


Use this link below to change your mailing address online. The change will be effective immediately. 

Sanitarians and Sanitarians-in-Training can change their mailing addresses online. Applicants cannot change their mailing addresses online.

  • You will need to create a user registration and attach a license in order to change your mailing address online unless you already created a user registration when completing an online initial or renewal application.
  • You will always use one user registration for all your licenses and license transactions (initial or renewal)
  • If you hold more than one license, you must change your mailing address for each license.
  • You may not change your name using this online transaction - you will need to submit proof of your new name to the board/program before staff changes the name on your license.
  • This online transaction is only available in the US and Canada (you cannot log into the system from another foreign country).
  • There is no charge to change your mailing address.
  • Select this link to view FAQs


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Last updated December 10, 2013