School-Based Health Centers Services



Physical Health Services:

  • care for acute illness and injury
  • care for chronic conditions such as asthma and diabetes
  • physical exams
  • sports physicals
  • immunizations

Mental Health Services:

Mental health services may include screening and assessment, crisis intervention, and individual, group and family counseling, and medication and case management for the treatment of:

  • depression, anxiety and other illnesses
  • substance abuse
  • violence prevention counseling
  • family problems
  • tobacco cessation and prevention
  • weight gain and obesity management
  • ADHD

Health promotion activities:

School-based health centers are prevention-oriented.  Providing preventative health services for students on early identification, education and intervention for potential injury and disease is an important function of a school-based health center.  Health promotion activities can include:

  • teaching health consumer skills
  • encouraging avoidance of health risks through promotion and awareness programs
  • providing venues for community partners in teaching healthy lifestyles

Dental Services – preventive and restorative services:

  • screenings
  • sealants
  • fillings
  • extractions
  • root canals
  • referrals

Additional Services:

  • health education for individuals and through classroom instruction
  • nutritional counseling
  • referral and follow-up for specialty services
  • provision for or referral to pregnancy testing and counseling
  • laboratory and pharmacy on-site

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Last updated June 15, 2012