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Photo of an apple with a stethoscope and Doctor's ChartSupport for Texas school nurses is a major function of the DSHS School Health Program. 


The School Nurse Program provides the latest updates, research and resources  to assist school administrators, nurses and parents.  A School Nurse Consultant is on staff with DSHS and is well connected with the Texas School Nurses Organization, the Board of Nursing and other school health service related groups and organizations. The School Nurse Consultant is available to answer questions, provide resources and technical support related to school health practice issues and services.

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Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA)

Changes to Immunization Requirements:

The following is a highlight of revisions to rules for school and child-care facility immunization requirements: 

  1. Meningococcal Vaccine
    7th grade requirement
  2. Varicella Vaccine
    2 dose requirement for kindergarten and 7th grade entry;
  3. Tdap Vaccine
    a booster dose requirement for Tdap for 7th grade;
  4. MMR Vaccine
    2 dose requirement of MMR vaccine for kindergarten entry;
  5. Hepatitis A Vaccine
    2 dose requirement for kindergarten entry statewide
  6. General revisions incorporated that clarify or simplify language throughout the rules relating to the school and child care requirements.

Information on immunizations and details on the changes can be found on the Immunization Branch’s website at www.dshs.state.tx.us/immunize/public.shtm.

NEW!  Module 7: Treatments and Care Plans
Updated January 2011 in the Texas Guide to School Health Program.  Treatments and Care Plans covers: Special education:  children with special health care needs; children with diabilities; children requiring special health care procedures; and, children with chronic illnesses.

UPDATED!  School Health Services Staff Roles:  Definitions of staff that you may find providing health services in a school, as defined by the Texas School Health Advisory Committee.

UPDATED!  Selected State and Federal School Health Laws-2014 Update:  The attached document is meant as a resource tool in assisting school nurses or other school health personnel in locating selected laws that relate to school health.  It is not a full list, but a snapshot of the most frequently requested citations.  If you need additional citations the following website is a valuable tool to search for state statutes: www.statutes.legis.state.tx.us.

The Texas School Nurse Program website provides information in the following areas: 

Nursing Practice Resources:

What’s happening in nursing practice including regulations, laws or other requirements of the practice and profession of nursing with a focus on the school setting including Frequently Asked Questions.

School Nurse Notes:

A nursing practice publication
for school nurses and related professions.  Sign up for School Nurse Notes at top of page.

Contact the School Nurse Consultant:
Anita Wheeler-Hill, M.S.N., R.N.
School Nurse Consultant and School Health Program Manager
School Health Program
Texas Department of State Health Services
P. O. Box 149347 MC1925
Austin, Texas 78714-9347
512-776-7555 Fax

Last updated May 14, 2014