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2011 Reporting Requirements - June 2


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2011 Reporting Requirements - June 2


Dear Texas Cancer Reporters,


The Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) reporting requirements for cases diagnosed January 1, 2011 and forward have changed to comply with new national requirements and Texas participation in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention/Agency for Health Care Quality and Standards, “Enhancing Cancer Registry Data for Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER)” Project.

Enclosed are two separate tables describing these 2011 changes.  Table 1: Texas Cancer Registry 2011 Additional Required NAACCR Data Items, describes required fields for all 2011 cases. Table 2: Texas Cancer Registry 2011 CER Non-NAACCR Standard Data Items, describes data items that pertain only to treatment for cancers of the breast, colon/rectum, and chronic myelogenous leukemia (CML). Please note that many of the non-standard data items should only be completed “as available” when information is found in the medical record.

For the Table 2 non-standard data items you may 1) opt to code and report this information to the TCR, or 2) provide necessary information for the TCR to collect/code the non-standard items for breast, colon/rectum, and CML cases. The TCR will send additional follow-up information on these options in the next few weeks, as well as instructions on how to indicate your reporting preference.


The TCR will distribute the 2011 Handbook and Appendix A revisions reflecting all national/state 2011 reporting changes via email and CD by June 7, 2011.  The handbook will include the additional data items required for cases diagnosed January 1, 2011–forward.  Currently the TCR is not accepting any cases diagnosed in 2011. These cases if submitted will be rejected until national standard setters provide the necessary 2011 CER edits.


Information on regional expert trainings and the new reporting software, Web Plus, will be distributed in June 2011.   Once the new TCR 2011 edit set is available on our web site, a notification will be sent to all reporting facilities and software vendors.


If your facility participates in the “Small Facility Casefinding Data Collection (CFDC) Project”, the 2011 reporting requirements will be implemented as part of the 2011 CFDC process.


We appreciate your timely high quality reporting and continued support in the fight against cancer.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your regional representative.     




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Last updated June 03, 2011