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2011 TCR Reporting Requirements - July 15


2011 Reporting Requirements

2011 Reporting Requirements - July 15

Dear Texas Cancer Reporters,

We want to provide additional information on Texas Cancer Registry (TCR) reporting requirements for 2011 data submissions, 2011 Cancer Reporting Manual and CD’s, and CER 12.1 /TCRCERV121 edits. 

The metafile that has been released is the Version 12.1.   This metafile does not include the CER edit set.  These are different edit sets and the V12.1 edits will not meet TCR submission requirements.  The Version 12.1 CER editset has not been released by national standard setters.  If your facility uses a third party reporting software please verify with your vendor on the edit set being used when you upgrade to Version 12.1.  All submissions must pass the TCRCERV121 edits prior to submitting.  We hope that the final CER edit set will be released within the next couple of weeks.  TCR staff has a beta of the TCRCERV121 which we are testing in preparation for the release of the final edits by national standard setters.  Once released there should be very few changes to the TCRCERV12.1 edits and this will enable us to promptly distribute to vendors and place on our website for immediate implementation.   

Our TCR Cancer Reporting handbook is available electronically.  The CDs have not been mailed but we will be ready to mail one per facility as soon as we get them.  For reporters requesting a hard copy from your regional representative, once we have a completion date from the print shop we will update via email.  

An email was sent out asking reporters to participate in a survey to determine if their facility will be coding the 2011 CER nonstandard NAACCR data items or if they want the TCR to do this for them.  Please be aware that this is only for the CER 2011 non standard NAACCR data items and does not include all the new standard NAACCR data items such as the additional CS SSF’s required by the TCR. 

If your facility participates in the “Small Facility Casefinding Data Collection (CFDC) Project”, the 2011 reporting requirements will be implemented as part of the 2011 CFDC process. 

If you have any questions please direct them to your regional representative or let me know.  The TCR will send out a letter via email once we are able to accept 12.1 submissions. 


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Last updated September 29, 2011