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Reporter Updates - No Uploads


No Uploads of Data

No Uploads of Data - November 15

Dear Texas Cancer Reporters,

The TCR is currently working on the final phase of our annual CDC and NAACCR Calls for Data submissions.  This email is to inform you that  there will be no uploads of data for the next couple of weeks. However, you may continue to report your data and you will receive confirmation emails to let you know we have received your data submissions. Also, we know that our SandCrab Lite reporters are experiencing some issues with our software and these issues are being addressed and a new release will be forthcoming.

If your facility  participates in the “Small Facility Casefinding Data Collection (CFDC) Project”, please disregard this notice.

We appreciate your patience during this time and please feel free to call your regional representative if you have any questions.


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Last updated November 15, 2011