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    Types of Training:

    Basic Training Available online or in-person.

    This is an introduction to Cancer Abstracting that can be tailored to a person or group that has never abstracted a cancer case or to a person or group needing a refresher course. The length of time depends upon the need and will be tailored to your specific situation.

    Specialized Training Available online or in-person.

    This training is tailored to the more experienced abstractor or group unaccustomed to using our reporting tool or needing advanced education in an area that has been identified as not passing edits for submission. The training will be tailored to your specific needs to be in compliance with reporting requirements.

    Still not sure what type of training to request? Just go ahead and submit what you think you need and we will contact you to discuss your situation and then tailor the training according to your need.



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Last updated May 14, 2012